A protest for Palestine on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. 

"Nothing to see here. Just another dead Palestinian … Keep moving"

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Night Burgers


Why am I too ashamed to talk to God,
Why do I distanced myself,
ever though He waits for me?


Very interesting and powerful propaganda/messaging.

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Anonymous asked:
How could you be approached for a rishtaa

A lot of people would take this as a joke ( which it probably is ) but to approach ANY girl for a rishta, you have to be honest and straight forward from the get go. Introduce yourself, get to know her ( if you don’t yet ) and let her know your intentions once you’re sure about her.

The beautiful reefs of Hurghada. #Egypt #Hurghada #Nofilter


Hyun Ji by Bowen Arico for Friend the Magazine

longlivethislifee asked:
What part of Egypt did you get that kunafa from infooos please lol !!!

It’s a store called devour in mohandeseen!

Anonymous asked:
how old are you


This is why I came to Egypt #kunafa #maltesers




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Six times as many Palestinians killed over the last 72 hours than all projectiles fired at Israel have killed in 13 years.

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subiedabooby jazakAllahukhair friend, I’ll do that. :)